Various classifications of patterns in the textile design

Various classifications of patterns in the textile design

In the human-made design, the pattern is considered to be the regularity in the world and also known as the abstract ideas of the designing. Like a wallpaper design, the geometric pattern is considered to be a kind of pattern which is performed with the geometrical shapes, and that is typically related to the designing. The process of designing makes the solution and the elements make designing relationship responsibilities, and then the collaboration of designing with each of the fabrics. The pattern does not describe the particular concrete designing or any of the implementation process. Because the repeat patterns are considered to be the pattern, that is implemented in various situations and various processes of making the design in the fabric. The pattern is considered to be the template that can be described in various aspects of the applied in various approaches. The pattern is provided with the designing of the problem that gives an abstract description of the general arrangement of the elements on the fabric.

The overall layout of the pattern:

The designing of the overall layout is nothing but covering the whole extent or surface of the pattern over the fabric is known to be the overall layout. The themes are distributed wholely over the fabric and are considered to be the overall layout. There in the fabric, the motifs are distributed randomly with or without spacing. That is, the designs are placed in the fabric with regular or irregular spacing. Those designs are performed usually with very close to each other or else they may face in different directions.

Full drop repeat or block repeat:

repeat patterns

The full drop repeat or the block repeat is known to be one of the patterns which have been placed in the horizontal line whether it may be right or left in the fabric of the original motif. That is the motif might be laid among the up or down printing or else with the side to side printing. This full drop repeat is considered to be the simple layout because of the structure of the motif. It is considered to be the motif of the stock in the imaginary grid.

The tossed layout pattern:

In the tossed layout pattern, the motifs are placed randomly on the fabric. That might be considered as a scattered motif randomly. Those motifs are not found to be symmetry or nothing to be found with any of the formal arrangements of the pattern. Without any of the specific plan, the motifs are placed over the fabric their won’t be any of the specific plans and calculation over the motifs on the fabric rather than that the motifs were arranged. But the motifs were placed repeatedly without any regulation of arrangements.

Half dropped repeat layout pattern:

Among the fabric pattern design, the half drop repeat layout pattern is considered to be a very popular layout. In the vertical shape, the motifs were placed repeatedly in the next column. In the vertical direction, the motifs were placed half of the down sided pattern. In each of the rows, the motifs were placed in half downwards with resulting and then repeated in the way of staggered horizontally or vertically.