Origin and growth of computer network

Origin and growth of computer network

As we know that the world became computerized. The computer has developed in many dimensions. The fame of the computer networks from village to city is immeasurable. Actually, assistencia informatica  which is also called computer assistance aid us to use the computer’s hardware and software. Asistencia Informatica advises people to manage their accounts. Let us see about the computer networks.

Computer network

Two are more computers are linked together are called computer networks. These computer networks are the precedent of today’s internet. The computer network helps us in enormous ways.

Origin of computer

An English mechanical engineer and polymath, Charles Babbage invented the concept of the programmable computer in 1820. It is a mechanical computer. It does simple calculations. Though he invented computers, he failed to build them. “compute” is where the word “the computer” comes from. we have heard that the COMPUTER stands for common operating machine purposely used for technological and educational research.

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Growth of computer network

  • A network of computers was built in the late 1950s for the U.S military radar system using the bell 101 modem. It was released by AT&T corporation in 1958. It was the first mercantile modem for computers. It is transmitted through regular telephone lines at a speed of 110 bits per second.
  • In 1965 Donald Davies invented the term “packet” which tells that the data can be sent over a network between computers.
  • In 1965 telephone switch was introduced by Western Electric which implemented computer control in the switching fabric.
  • In 1976 the first true IP router was developed by Ginny Strazisar which was originally called a gateway.
  • The first long-distance fiber network was coined by GTE in long beach, California in 1977.
  • In the year of 1981 BITNET was formed as a network amongst IBM mainframe systems in the United States of America.
  • A U.S network hard company named Kalpana developed and introduced the first network switch in 1990.
  • In 2003 Wi-Fi was introduced for use with 802.11g in the WPN encryption protocol.
  • In January 2018 WPA3 encryption for Wi-Fi was introduced by the Wi-Fi Alliance which includes security enhancements over WPA2.

Today’s technology

The system of computers is connected to share information. this is called a network. systems are being developed every day. before 10 years no one would imagine, that you can drive your car through your phone. Let’s see the assumption about the future.

Now a large number of people are using 4G. In the future people will use the 5G for the next 10 years. Wi-fi will be improved to the best version of now. Artificial intelligence and machines will play an essential role in the world. Machines will be coined by machines.

Uses of computer network

  • Computer networks allow us to send mail, messages, online chat, and video call, etc.
  • The network allows people to do global business and make money from it.
  • Computer network helps us to enhance our knowledge in various subjects.
  • This network allows us to share our files, photos, and documents anywhere in the world.
  • By the use of the network, we can send the information through Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to make lots of friends.