Know about the hair stylist and the beautician

Know about the hair stylist and the beautician

In the centre of the city the new hair stylish shop is opening shortly the person who works in the shops are be the foreign stylist they speak the 스웨디시 language and the some spoke English but the proprietor of the shop is the belongs to the same city they are very professional stylists and the beautician

They are be doing the all types of hair cuts shaving trimming facial and many more for the men’s so for the first one week offering the many offers to the customer and the slowly they become very famous men’s beauty shop around the city

Different types of hairstyles

The stylists come from the different countries so they know the variety of the hairstyles now the many college students and the school students are be liking to do the different types of hairstyles that are very much interested to do box cutting one side box cutting they like to grow the long hair and they do straightening the hair and many of them colouring the hair for any colour and many of them do police cutting military cutting and Mushroom cutting if the there is a curly hair for the person he likes to do the curly hair into straightening one so they have the well quality equipment to these hairstyles and the products like the shampoo conditioner and the many things are in high quality and they are be directly imported from the foreign countries


For Wedding function

The service that does for the wedding is popularly known as the bridal collection so they are very good experience in the Bridal beauty and the makeup if they a person going to get married soon so on the reception date they booked the date before the one week so on that night before they two persons are becoming to the home or marriage hall directly with all the equipment and the requirement things so they do the bridal services for the person on his taste and also the things suitable for him they are be very experienced in their profession so they know what to do to him the method of doing makeup vary from the face to face for example if the person is the black colour he needs the high makeup that compared to the white person he needs the more glory but the white-skinned person needs the less makeup than the black-skinned one so they know that how to do the makeup for the one

Amount offering for the stylist

The stylist offer the number of rupees 10 thousand for the one bridal makeup and they offering the rupees 200 or 250 per hair cutting and stylising and the colouring of the hair makes the extra charges and the conditioner and straightening the hair also needs the separate amount so they offering the not higher amount but the things they are being used are directly imported from the foreign company so it needs a certain amount to get the quality product so they offer the good service at the good price