Pest Control: Precautions Cautions and Things to Do After it

Pest Control: Precautions Cautions and Things to Do After it

A glance of cockroaches flustering across your home sometimes compels you to call for pest control.

Pest Control Colchester

Pest Control Colchester is a service through which you can get rid of many unwanted guests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, rats, snakes, and many more from your apartment, office or any place. A licensed pest control operator with the help of household pesticides can do it easily. Also, you can do it by yourself with having minimum knowledge and some precautionary measures.

How to choose pesticides?

  • Always opt for non-chemical pest control measures. If it’s not possible go for the least chemical one.
  • Identify the pest you desire to get rid of and then pick the best pesticide for it available nearby.
  • Always check the label before buying. If it is more poisonous then avoid buying.


  • Do not pile up pesticides or mix them with one another. Using too much pesticide can be harmful to you and your family.
  • Keep the pesticide out of the reach of children and don’t pour it in other containers as people might mistake it for food items.
  • Keep your birds, fishes, and pets out of the room before using pesticides.
  • In case of outdoor usage make sure to close the doors and windows properly.
  • Make the swimming pool empty and cover the green vegetables if you have planted them.
  • Inform your neighbours before starting it out.
  • Always use rubber gloves raiment suggested by manufacturers.

Cautions while doing

If pesticide enters it can temporarily damage your body so,

  • Always avoid skin contact.
  • Don’t inhale pesticide vapour.
  • Use glasses or anything to cover your eyes.
  • Keep the children and elderly people out of the room.
  • Try to avoid fogging devices.

After pest control

  • Dispose of all food items left outside accidentally. Eating those items can cause severe food poisoning.
  • Don’t rush into the house immediately and wait for some time. Make all doors and windows open after entering.
  • Call a plumber and repair any water leaks. Remember leaks are open invitations for pests.
  • clear the dead pests so that your pet may not end up eating them.

Effect on environment

Although pesticides are intended to invade the pests you want to attack, sometimes it backfires and affects the environment as well as other living beings. As an example, if you are spraying pesticide outdoors on a rainy day, water might wash it away in a nearby pond. It can be harmful to fishes and other living creatures on that pond.

Effects on human health

Although pesticides used in pest control are not lethal to humans still they can cause acute damage to human health. It may include

  • stomach ache
  • diarrhoea
  • watery eyes
  • vomiting
  • muscle weakness
  • fatigue

And many more.  Exposure to pesticides affects more to certain groups of people like unborn babies, pregnant women, elderly people and children. Nowadays pest control has become a necessity, especially in urban areas. Always make sure to keep the precautionary measures before pest control and always try to call a pest control operator instead of doing it yourself.