What Kind of Life Coaching Option You Can Go for Now
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What Kind of Life Coaching Option You Can Go for Now

Look at your goals: are they exciting? Will they give you a hard time? Sounds like advice, doesn’t it? Think again, the numbers prove the opposite. Indeed, it is estimated that less than 4% of people write their goals and barely 1% review them regularly. However, writing allows you to clarify your thoughts and make your goal concrete. For Online Life Coaching you need the best deals. But here’s the most amazing:

Online Life Coaching

More than 42% success rate

Doctor Gail Matthews, professor of Psychology at the Dominican University of California conducted a study on goal achievement for 2 years with 267 participants. She demonstrated that we literally increase our chances of reaching her goals by 42% just by writing them down. It is therefore imperative to put your goals in writing. Open your favorite application or take a notebook and write down your goals for 2020.

Make your VRD goals

Look at these goals:

  • Losing weight,
  • Write a book,
  • Take it in his consideration.

Thousands of people get them every year without success. The reason? These are intentions at best, but they are NOT goals because:

  • They are not specific
  • They have no measurable criteria for knowing when the goal is reached
  • They are not anchored in time, therefore liable to be postponed until the next day ad

However, there is a simple and effective 3-point formula for stating a clear and convincing goal:

Action verb plus Specific result for the Date of completion


Having an independent activity, it is a beautiful project, but it is neither specific nor measurable. With the formula, it becomes to set up portrait photographer activity for March 1, 2020. This objective includes an action verb to mount, a specific result portrait photographer activity and a deadline.

Other examples:

  • Record my first podcast “7 mistakes of beginners in cross-fit” for January 15, 2020.
  • Complete 5 GR hikes in my region for May 30, 2020.
  • Find 3 new clients for my coaching activity for May 1, 2020.

It is a simple formula, but very effective.

Prepare your arm drop kit

What is the most exciting moment of a project? The one where the idea germinates in our mind. At that moment, we are completely blinded by the benefits that reach us once the objective is reached: our dream job, our diploma in our pocket, our first marathon completed. It is enough to put stars in your eyes. Unfortunately, it only lasts for a while. This stage of euphoria past, we put both feet in reality by discovering:

The real cost of his goal

By paying the entry ticket, you are already much better off than the others. But sometimes it is not enough. There are always slumps in a project. Faced with this, you need to know why you are doing things. These reasons will be your compass to find the courage to continue.

How to do?

Find strong and meaningful reasons to reach your goals, things that affect you personally. Why is it important?

  • To feel better in my body and have more energy during the day
  • To relieve me of the stress and anxiety that you feel every day in your work.
  • To be proud of me and prove to yourself that you can do it despite your non-sporting past.
  • To prepare for participation in my first 10-kilometer race.