What are the things that cause pollution in our environment?

What are the things that cause pollution in our environment?

Many of us have a dream which means a childhood wish that is to buy a big bungalow or to build a house, or to buy a bike and even to buy a car. This gives us excitement while seeing the same car or bike or home as we imagined in reality. This intense feeling about a particular thing will become a dream in life. Every one of us tries to run hard to reach or to achieve our dream. Get a car from the BMW service shop austin texas  is also a dream.

What dreams try to tell us?

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Dreams are strong desire which has some power to do something to achieve it. Because dreams were never given to us as a task or by others. It means what my heart and my soul desire to get. Dreams are never a burden. Because we love it and like it. Conquering dreams never make tired or bored. Because they are what we expect. Someone thinks that dreams are only for youngsters and children. But it is not that correct because everyone has dreams. Even from a small child to aged persons has a passion to buy a car. Have you ever thought that you are in the showroom? Which is full of branded cars with attractive colours and stunning features. What a great day it was? Since more shows a majestic look. You know one thing that my big dream is to buy a golden-coloured BMW car. Since this car renowned for its smoothy drive. Seeing a BMW car on a roadside gives us a goose-bumping moment. Have you ever imagined one day you are the owner of BMW? It is a good and provoking dream. BMW means Bayerischer Motoren Werke GmbH. BMW service showroom Austin Texas has done wonderful works on damaged and repaired cars to rebuild as new ones. Rebuilding is one of the best ways to reduce unwanted pollution. You all one thing that pollution is one of the greater factors that we facing nowadays.

Types of pollution in our environment because of us and our things

Pollution is of various types. They are land, water, air, noise, and many more. Each of these has many harmful health issues and more disadvantages to both earth and human beings. Severe air pollution due to the increase of vehicles and industries, and many and a greater number of Refrigerators, air coolers, and factories. Refrigerators, as these release a cholo Fluro carbon which is one of the most important causes for ozone depletion. Ozone is the layer that protects us from ultraviolet light which is emitted from the sun. Water pollution is due to the discharge of wastewater eliminated from industries directly into the river. Which is the cause of many diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, malaria, etc. since the contaminated water contains harmful chemicals like arsenic, toluene, etc. Which becomes the major source of drinking water for most of the villagers. Which leads to many genetical disorders. In our body water plays a vital role than that of others. You think that if the water contains these carcinogenic chemicals, what would happen? Which results in the entry of our enemy cancer.