Universities in Lawrence

Universities in Lawrence Kansas

Lawrence is a major city in Kansas, and is home to the University of Kansas. This university is located less than one mile from downtown. It is a four year university.

There are two other universities that are accessible from Lawrence. Bake University is 13.5 miles away, and Ottawa University is 24.5 miles away. Both of these are four year institutions as well.

Of these, according to NCES figures, the University of Kansas is the least expensive to attend at $18,845. Ottawa University and Baker University are slightly more expensive, at $20,094 and $20,294 respectively. The NCES figures are determined by working out the average amount of financial aid that a full-time undergraduate student would receive, and then subtracting that from the cost of tution.

The University of Kansas has the best graduation rate out of those three traditional schools, with a graduation rate of 61%. Baker University is close behind at 60%, and Ottawa University has a graduation rate of 47%. It is important to understand that these graduation rates are not just “who completed the course”, but rather those who graduated within 150% of the ‘normal time period’ for the degree that they were on. Those who took longer to graduate will not be included in that statistic.

When comparing all schools in the Lawrence area, including those that are two year colleges and non-traditional schools, graduation rates varied from 23% up to 89%.

Lawrence has just three traditional institutions – the ones that are listed above – but within those three options there are plenty of choices when it comes to price, size, location and courses, so Lawrence is a great option for a young person who is looking to further their education. The University of Kansas in particular is a good choice and it is a university that attracts transfers, freshmen from within the state, and also international students.

If you are looking to study in Kansas, then Lawrence could be a great place to live. It has a lot to offer both academically and in terms of social scenes and employment. There are also schools for younger students, so some families opt to live there as well. Explore your options and look at the prospectus for each university before putting in your application. You may well find that you have found your new home for the next four years as you study in Lawrence, Kansas.