University Of Kansas

The University Of Kansas In Lawrence

Anyone who has ever visited Lawrence, Kansas understands how interesting, scenic and historically important the area is. The wealth of cultural and recreational activities nearby makes Lawrence an attractive destination for a wide array of folks. However, it may be that the best-known pillar of the Lawrence community is the University of Kansas.

A major research institution in the central United States, the University of Kansas has more than 28,000 students spread across five campuses. Lawrence represents one of the best-known of these locations. The 2,600 faculty members are committed to fostering the next generation of leaders by fulfilling their educational mission each and every day.

The University of Kansas is home to the only medical and pharmacy schools in the entire state, and is also proud to offer over 370 total degree-granting programs. The student body includes roughly half men and half women, hailing from over 100 nations and every state in the union.

There are numerous traditions associated with the University of Kansas in Lawrence with which alums and locals alike are intimately familiar. The school’s mascot, the Jayhawk, is particularly beloved, and is meant to be a combination of sparrow hawk and blue jay.

Fans of University of Kansas sports teams will be quick to “wave the wheat” during an especially exciting contest. During key happenings in a given game, Jayhawk faithful can be seen lifting their arms above their heads and waving them to and fro in a slow sort of motion. This regularly occurs at pivotal times, such as the shooting of free throws in basketball or a touchdown on the gridiron.

Those who have close associations or family ties to the University of Kansas are almost certainly able to sing from memory the two main school songs most often heard in Lawrence. Whether the dulcet tones of “Crimson and the Blue” or “I’m a Jayhawk” are wafting through the air, graduates and friends alike are sure to be filled with pride.

The more than 1,000 acres that comprise the University of Kansas campus at Lawrence have a reputation as being among the most beautiful anywhere in the United States. With storied Mount Oread forming the centerpiece of the area, this part of eastern Kansas really is a sight to behold. Anyone traveling within the state or even in the larger central plains should give serious thought to planning a visit to see what Lawrence has to offer.