Smartest Deals in the Best Ringtone Choices

Smartest Deals in the Best Ringtone Choices

Do you find the ringtones on your mobile monotonous? Change it. With the, it’s simple, free and fun. A large choice is offered to you. Make the best come now with

Download App on your smartphone

On your smartphone, call the Application Launcher menu and open the Play Store. Tap the magnifying glass at the top right to search. Enter the app, and press App in the list of results that appear. Tap Install on the next page, and then tap Accept and download. A few seconds later, it’s ready. Press Open on the confirmation page to launch the application.

Access the ringtones

At the first launch, press Accept to validate the conditions of use. You arrive on the main screen which presents the different categories of elements offered by App. Press Ringtones to select ringtones. A tip is displayed on the full screen. Press the cross at the top right to close this panel. The ringtones in the “Featured” category appear.

Discover these ringtones

Press the Menu button then Categories to choose the ring styles to display. Press Menu then Sort by to find the most downloaded or the new. Tap a ringtone that interests you. A new screen appears and the ringtone is played. If you like it, you can tap on the heart to bookmark it. And also give it a rating by pressing the stars and then choosing the raised louse if you like it, lower if you don’t like it.

Install one

Do you particularly like a ringtone? Press the blue free button: it is downloaded automatically. The button will then turn purple and indicate Set. Tap it then choose how to use this ringtone: default ringtone, ringtone for calls from a specific contact, notification or alarm. If you choose Contact, you will then have to choose the person concerned. For the other choices, the setting is immediate.

Find the default settings

To find the ringtones provided as standard in Android, from the home screen of your smartphone, go to System settings, Sound, Phone ringtone. There, if you are given a choice, tap Multimedia Storage and then Always. Cell phone ringtones are often chargeable and require a weekly investment. Finding free is sometimes difficult, although there are sites. Free offers can often result in unwanted subscriptions, so it’s important to always check. The easiest way is to use your mp4.

How to do?

Mobile phone ringtones are generally paid, many sites ask from 3 $ to 5 $ per week to have the right to download a limited number of ringtones for mobile phones. Find free download sites are rare or only offer songs in monophonic, that is to say without words and with music retouched on the telephone keypad. These ringtones are in MIDI format and are often free. However, it is possible to find ringtones in MP3 format on the English site. They are free and it only requires registration on the site. Use your mp3 or mp4 to send music to your mobile this is probably the easiest way to get new free ringtones for your mobile phone. To do this, simply transfer your favorite songs from your mp3 or mp4 to your PC. Then connect the phone to the pc. Recover the music on the mobile. It only remains to define them as ringtones.