Smart Options for the Home Buying Now

Smart Options for the Home Buying Now

In addition to debts in real estate, you can be surprised by information about any other pledges and easements. For flats, some easements are without any problems and there is no reason to panic for example, easements in favor of energy companies most often waterworks, in the case of utilities directly inside the flat it can be power plants or gas plants are quite common. In essence, they represent the possibility of entry and control of power distribution and meters by the utility in case of need or accident. The perfect visit will help you here.

However, other easements may be a problem for example, the easement of life may be a problem not only for you as a buyer, but also for a bank that never provides a mortgage for such an apartment. It is not enough to pledge for her, because in case of default she could not simply sell your apartment.

Measure the Actual Size of the Apartment

In advertisements, there is often false information about the real size of the apartment. Usually, a larger area is given simply to make the apartment more attractive for sale. After a more thorough analysis of the advertisement, you often find that the area is not only composed of a residential part, but also the area of ​​cellars, terraces, loggias, front gardens, garages or other premises. Of course, you can check the apartment during the tour, but it is also easier way.

The real area should always be stated in the annual statement for services related to the use of the apartment. It is possible to read from the share of the apartment in the common parts of the building and land. For this reason, insist on submitting this annual statement. This statement is an important source of further information for example, on the number of advances, income from the lease of non-residential premises, information on debts paid by partners to the unit, etc.


Is it stated in the advertisement that the apartment is sold partially furnished? Ask exactly what this means and then insist on recording this agreed equipment in the booking or purchase contract as part of the sale.

Focus on equipment that would be an extra investment for you. Does the owner leave the kitchen including appliances? Or does he leave built-in wardrobes and other furniture made to measure? Does the sale include lighting and sanitary equipment bath, shower, sink, toilet, etc.? That’s great. This will also save you some of the money and nerves of furnishing. On the other hand, you do not have to pay for a welfare facility in the apartment to make sure, for example, that a large cellar belonging to a flat full of junk will be vacated when you buy it.

Check the Technical Condition of the Apartment

It is easy to say when buying an apartment beware of its actual technical condition during the inspection. What if you do not understand the technical requirements at all? Invite a technician for a tour, or pay a specialist. Does the current owner tell you that there are new wiring in the apartment? Check with an electrician.

Have your technical documentation available for your property. It should definitely not be a problem for new apartments. In older flats especially flats that have been privatized, such documentation has not even existed at all or has simply not been given to the new owners. In any case, they will issue this documentation with the owner’s consent at the appropriate building office.