How is leather made?

How is leather made?

The main methods of producing leather have not at all changed that much and all over many years. But that also does not mean that iris easy and very feasible to make leather. Tanners are someone who is highly trained in what the work they do and also it is complicated in a surprising wat and it is also a quite lengthy process. The leather training courses that BLC offers can help you get a clear understanding of what is leather and the step by step process that needs to be followed in order to make leather. leather making workshop singapore is a quality workshop.

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From a salted hide to make a piece of leather it almost takes about 10 working days. These are the below steps that need to be a follower by the tanners to covert a hide into a piece of leather.


The first step to making leather is curing. The raw hides and the skins should be kept preserved therefore they can stop them from getting damaged before even starting the process of producing leather. The methods of preservation of the raw material compromises of salting, chilling, freezing, and the use of biocides.


The second method in the process of leather making after curing is soaking. The cured skins or the hides are then soaked in water for many hours and these are soaked for several days. This will allow the hides to reabsorb any amount of water the ides or the skins might have lost during the process of transportation. It will also help them clean the salt and the dirt that is present in the skiing or the raw material.


The third step in mang leather is painting. This is a process where the wool will be completely removed from the skiing of the sheep and then using something known as sulfide they remove the total wool. They use a kind of sulfide-based mixture.


Liming process is used to remove the epidermis and the hair from the hide. This will also result in swelling of the form of alkaline of the pelt. This is used to cause a breaking that is controlled due to some kind of chemical that crosslinks that is of collagen.


After completing the liming process, it is required to do a process known as the fleshing. This is where the liming pelt is given through a machine. This machine removes the fleshly part of the tissue and then it will spill into many different layers at this stage or even after the tanning process.


The deliming process is done in order to neutralize the alkali that is in the liming pelt. Deliming process is done in order to avoid rapid changes. These rapid changes occur in the pH which will then lead to the distortion or the disruption of the tissues.


Bating is a process that is followed by after the deliming process. In this process any kind of remaining that is in the hide is removed. And the residual components that were broken down at the time of liming will be cleared out.