Can we buy the same name for different companies? How much will It cost?

Can we buy the same name for different companies? How much will It cost?

In this pandemic situation, most people are suffering due to insufficient money to manage their family and also their business. In that case, starting a new business company is more problematic. When the owner is always active in his business management, he could only make his business grow to the most level, or else he might lose his investment amount. First, if you think that your idea is good and in the future, it will reach more people. Choose a current location and start your company with few employees and more than one shareholder. Then with these holding, you cannot be able to start manufacturing and sell your company product to the public. First, you should get approval from ثبت شرکت The if your concept is related to selling food products only after getting permission from the Food organization department, you could able to sell it to your customers. Even you want to sell those food products like online shopping methods, and it should have approval from the right organization.

What are documents that should be submitted while getting a trademark?

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Wherever your company products are sold by retail shop owners, customers would choose only the standard and quality products. And the main thing is each product should have its trademark in it. When it holds the trademark, it denotes that the product belongs to your company, and any other company cannot able to sell your company product with their fixed rate. But while this testing, your submitting product ingredients should not be taken from other products. While using other company food items, their owners can raise issues in your business.

You must have a slogan and a short name for your product, which helps to define your product within it. According to business management, it can also be known as a tag line. While registering the product trademark, you can able to add your signature with the trademark. The requirements are only to know about whether the product is owned by your company or other people in the business. While choosing your company’s name, it should be easy to use and understandable for the customers because, without customers, we cannot be able to sell or produce products. For example, we can take most of the top companies will have their logo, name, and slogan only about their company products. Always there must be a link between all this information that means it should unite all the others.

Why are those rules not permitting to have the same name for different companies?

There are different ways to start your business, like import, exporting, or else creating your product, making rent, digital marketing, etc… The main thing here is it should have a notable name. While starting the business, you are not the only person to run the business before that, and there will be some businessmen who would run the same company but in a different area. And if your concept with the same business name got more famous among customers, then some people will get collapsed between two different names with a single production. To avoid these kinds of issues, there are some rules and regulations are formed to maintain the in-country business managements.